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Summer in the Hamptons. It’s what you think of when you want to escape the grind of city living. That idyllic beachside estate, balmy white sand beaches and enough Summer In A Bottle Rosé to last a lifetime (erm, more like weekend) after a long week at work in the city.

So what are The Hamptons and what is it exactly that makes it so sought after by the most affulent NYC residents, and what about it drawns in the rest of us?

Geographically speaking, The Hamptons is a stretch of seaside comunities off of eastern Long Island’s south fork. Home to estates lined with trimmed hedges, designer boutiques and high end bars disguised as “dives,” this stretch of land is just as charming as everyone makes the “cliche” of The Hamptons out to be.

The light always seems to hit the leaves just right, the food is on point along with an atmosphere to boast, everyone is laughing over spilled wine and the beaches always seem to have the right amount of space for you.

Here is how to Weekend the right way in The Hamptons; with all the best places you must experience for yourself!

image- behance

image- behance

Plan your trip with the cannonball train from Manhattan to The Hamptons. The Cannonball East departs Penn Station on Fridays at 4:06 p.m. from Penn Station - May 27th through September 2nd and travels non-stop to Westhampton in 95 minutes, also stopping at Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton and Montauk. Tickets are about $34. (Way better than trying to drive in Friday traffic out of the city!)

Image- Ruschmeyers

Image- Ruschmeyers

Where to stay? Well, its best if you are friends (or a friend of a friend) with someone who owns a home. Try to avoid those homeshares with 5-7 bedrooms; they usually end up with a cozy 35 people in the house and things turn into a brofest.

Instead, try the dozens of waterfront hotels boasting beach access and lobster shacks, or go inland or north up the coastline to the Classics in East Hampton, South Hampton, Sag Harbor and Montauk.

Ruschmeyer’s is a summer camp for grown-ups. Think cabins clustered around a decorative tepee, bingo nights, Ping-Pong, and a bar in an oversize sandbox.

The Surf Lodge is another big hotspot for The Hamptons scene. They have a fantastic music line up and celebrites are often seen chillin’ out here.

Make sure you catch an evening with the Wölffer Estate Vineyard; the patio is heavenly (and so is the cheese board!) Fill your glass all the way up with Summer In A Bottle Rosé then walk a short distance to the Wine Stand (part of the Estate); which is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Wine Stand sits on top alittle hill with views of the vineyard and killer sunset views. Small bands usually entertain small crowds and pop up shops filled with jewlery, handbags and locally made goods are usually just a few steps away.

You must must must get bagels and lox at Goldberg’s bagels. It’s truly a life experience to have bagels and lox the RIGHT way with scallion creme cheese and fresh from the sea salmon.

image- the original goldberg’s bagels

image- the original goldberg’s bagels

Make time for a beach day on either East Hampton Main Beach, Atlantic Aveanue Beach or Two Mile Hollow Beach. The waves are BIG and the water is chilly off the coastline on the Atlantic, so don’t forget your floaties and oversized beach towel! The houses lining the beaches are eye candy to look at and everyone tends to keep to themselves. It’s not a Hamptons weekend without a beach day.

Check Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP Hamptons Guide with more places to eat HERE!! Happy Hampton-ing!

Stephanie Zillmer