Trouvaille in Tanzania

 *Updated 6/16/2017*

After four days on safari in the Serengeti, our group has returned to Rhotia Lodge a little dustier and more sunburnt than when we left. With over 6 million square acres of terrain, our amazing guides ensured that we saw the best of Tanzania's wildlife. As we descended into the Ngorogoro crater on our first day, we were immediately met by a pride of lions who were halfway through lunch; an unfortunate buffalo who had made a pair of hungry lion cubs very happy. From there we passed miles and miles of zebra, giraffe, and wildebeest. I'm certain that when God created the wildebeest, he just used all the leftover parts and called it good, when in all honesty it could've used some additional tweaking. Later we played leapfrog with a lion, caught up with a herd of elephants, and tracked down a few leopards.

The trick to safari life in the Serengeti is drawing animals out during the day while scaring them off in the middle of the night. Our tented camp sat right in the midst of the desert and had a habit of attracting elephants, monkeys, and the occasional lion. Still there isn't anything like sitting by a campfire under a blanket of stars, sipping on a glass of wine in the middle of the Serengeti so I took my chances. The staff would come to each tent in the morning with hot water, from which we could wash our face out on the patio, before enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise. 

Each day provided its own unique experiences and surprises. Like that time elephants broke into our camp and drank our shower water, or being witness to a bunch of vultures feast on a wildebeest. If you've ever considered vultures to be self-respecting creatures, you've never seen one shoulder deep up a wildebeest's ass. Something I can never, ever unsee.

Before heading back to camp, we stopped at a Maasai village, where we were able to explore the boma and meet the tribe. I'm always amazed by how different our cultures are and while I can't say I'd be okay with living on a milk, blood, and meat diet or sharing a husband with multiple women, their simplistic lifestyle is one I can appreciate.

Tomorrow we'll head back to Moshi and spend the remainder of our time visiting friends at schools, homes, and hospitals. Soaking up every last minute here at Rhotia as it has easily become one of my favorite places in the world. Give me two weeks of your summer next year and I'll share it with you ;)


let's just go ahead and address the elephant in the room... my split ends are out of control.  

let's just go ahead and address the elephant in the room... my split ends are out of control.  



Boarding a jet plane to Tanzania in just a few short hours and I couldn't be more excited!! It's been almost three years since my last visit and I've literally been homesick for the place ever since. While the 16+ hour flight is daunting, the thought of walking off the plane to our Tanzanian friends and the smell of cooking fires from the surrounding villages is worth every minute spent breathing in recycled air. 

While words can hardly describe the people and the beauty of this amazing country, I'm going to post as regularly as the spotty WIFI (and electricity) allows! We'll be spending a few days out on safari before meeting up with some of our friends, visiting schools and churches, and loving on the children at Neema orphanage and Amani Centre--so be sure to check the travel blog for updates!! You can also follow along via Instagram story! 

Kwaheri, S

Stephanie Zillmer