S & B Lost at Sea

It was mid-March in Minnesota, all 10,000 lakes frozen over, and I only had one thing on my brain: vacation. So when B suggested a week long yacht trip around the Croatian islands, it took all of about 3 seconds to renew my passport and book my flight. Three months later, we were Europe bound, carry-ons overflowing with bikinis, sunscreen, and swan floaties. Because, priorities. 

We took the red eye from MSP to Chicago, and then from Chicago to Frankfurt. Being that it was an overnight flight, we decided it would be a good idea to wash down our ZZZQuil with something, so we grabbed a bottle of cab from the airport shop and headed to our gate. Turns out bringing your own alcohol on a plane is actually a felony, so the flight attendant was less than amused to find us three quarters of a bottle deep as we were descending into Chicago. Fortunately she skipped the handcuffs and instead gave us a complimentary puke bag full of fun sized wine samples after confiscating our bottle. 

Somehow we managed to get to Split airport in one piece some 14 hours later. Jet lagged and delirious, we pulled ourselves together and headed to the cutest little AirBnb located in Trogir, a short distance from the marina and our yacht.  We met up with the rest of our crew later in the evening for some champagne and fresh fish at a local restaurant. Afterwards, we wandered down to the square and stumbled upon a hole in the wall pub with live music and dancing, at which point I discovered that after close to 24 hours with minimal sleep, my karaoke game was still in fact, terrible. 

After sleeping hard for 12 straight hours, we took our coffee black on the veranda with a pretty unreal view of the Mediterranean. I decided then that this vacation was going to be one for the books. I grabbed my sunscreen and knock off Raybans and our crew headed down to the marina to locate our boat. We met our skipper and hostess, who helped us load everything onto Albatross 1 and gave us the rundown of the week's festivities. Still nothing could have prepared me for the amount of fun that was about to be had. 

Each yacht has about 7-9 people on board, and each route has about 30-40 yachts assigned to it. So imagine 300 twenty-somethings from around the world cruising from island to island, floating around the Adriatic for seven days. Now multiple that by a zillion and you'll have a semi-realistic picture of what life on The Yacht Week entails. 

Every day included several hours of sailing, exploring, and floating followed by super swanky dinners and after party venues. I've never been caught in so many champagne showers in my life, and if I ever have another vodka & red bull again, it will be too soon. The views were amazing, each spot proving to be even prettier than the last. Everyone was so nice and friends were made from all over the world, so that by the week's end we had become one big, sunburned crew. 

While I returned to Trogir a week later exhausted, dehydrated, and hadn't showered in days, I would redo the whole experience again in a heartbeat. I came home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and so grateful for the much needed life break.  I would recommend The Yacht Week to any one of my friends (and then proceed to invite myself along)! Here are just a few snapshots from the trip, and still they don't even come close to capturing the amazing time that was had.

Until next time Europe! XO,  S

Stephanie Zillmer