Quad Bike- Oia, Santorini, July 2018

Quad Bike- Oia, Santorini, July 2018


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I’m Britt, I’m a beauty brand manager and a professional (and by “professional” I usually have on average 4+ trips booked in my delta queue at any given moment) weekender in my free time ✈️ I’m a new New Yorker- just moved to NYC October 1, 2019 and currently in process of creating an unbelievable life filled with gratitude and fueled by motivation (and strong goals, and vitamins, and probably some strong coffee). I live a mantra of not being afraid of what could go wrong and being excited of what could go right- and working on enjoying the journey.


Most days you can find me sipping iced coffee and rocking yesterday's hair. I love to run outside, but I'm best at running late. I have a slight obsession with brunch and spend most Saturday's on a patio with a friend and a glass of champagne. I love to explore, I hum when I'm happy, and my favorite season is peony season. I eat dessert for breakfast, cereal for dinner, and will go months without stepping foot into a grocery store. Globetrotter by nature, my suitcase is never quite unpacked and my passport ever ready. 

I'm a little bit Ann Shirley, a little Kathleen Kelly; I was born in northern WI, bleed green and gold, and there's something about the smell of sweet ferns that make my heart happy. But I've come to love my tiny space in this beautiful city, and am learning to embrace each new season of this crazy, wonderful life. Most of all, I'm learning to enjoy the sweet trouvailles along the way.