PSA: Trouvaille is Moving!!

Taking a little extra time this Monday morning to savor a bottomless cup of coffee and the sunshine pouring through my bedroom window (dat you, Spring?!?). As the excitement of a new move sets in (spoiler alert : Trouvaille MN is moving to St. Louis Park!!), I'm also feeling a little nostalgic about saying farewell to this sweet apartment of mine. Sometimes I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, it feels like just yesterday I was holding the keys to my first solo apartment. I've come to appreciate my little piece of Highland Park, squeaky radiators and all.  There have been countless wine nights and Gossip Girl binges with the girls, bathroom mirror pep talks before first dates and big interviews, and those occasional slow Sunday mornings (unless it's football season, in which case they're significantly more stressful). I've been challenged to create my own routines and hold myself accountable to things, when in the past I've had the built in accountability of my roommates. I've also developed a terrible habit of talking aloud to myself, so Britt I apologize in advance in case this continues post-move.

Living alone certainly has its perks (ie. singing and dancing to JT in my underwear, sprawling the contents of my closet far beyond the confines of my bedroom, eating ice cream straight from the carton...). Still, I'm so excited to move in with B and our new digs! We both have been actively pursuing some personal and professional goals over the last six months, exploring opportunities both locally and out of state. And while our plans have continued to change and evolve, for now, we are setting up shop on Minne's west side. So please send us all of your fave spots in the neighborhood - we are looking forward to trying some new places! We're both training for the Twin Cities Marathon this summer, so I'm sure you'll see us out running the lakes - say hello, or better yet, join us for a lap around Calhoun! Also consider this your open invite to hang with us poolside, any Saturday this summer. I guarantee you won't find me anywhere else during these hours. 

And THANK YOU to those of you who continue to support and encourage us as we navigate the path (and possibilities) that lie ahead - individually, professionally, and as it relates to all things Trouvaille MN. Our tribe means the world to us - you are our greatest trouvaille! 

xo, S

Stephanie Zillmer