Bump and Grind

It's that time of the year again when my Saturday mornings begin with a cup of coffee, toast, and a long training run around St. Paul or Minneapolis. The thing that I love (and hate) about running is how completely humbling it is.  Regardless of the amount of miles you've logged in the past, you always have to start over at some point. Mentally, I can still run 10-15 miles without breaking a sweat. Realistically, I'm considering calling an uber around mile 3.  I've found though that if I can push through the first few miles, the rest come a lot easier.  Call it runner's high, but I'm convinced that a good playlist is key to getting through those long runs. So I'm sharing my Spotify training playlist here in case you need a little extra bump in your step! Anyone else super into Trey Songz rn? No, just me? Cool.

Also, looking for some recommendations on new running shoes! I'm only a few weeks in and already my toes are looking ratchet. Until then, I'll be in sneaks! 

source: @ flyfeetrunning
Stephanie Zillmer