Tackling Task Management

Task Management. Multitasking. Sounds good on a resume, right? How many of you would say you have mastered this skill? How many of you were simultaneously making other mental notes during that quick thought?!

I'll be the first one to raise my hand to say that I've become a multitasking queen. A Queen. At. Multitasking. I have the freedom to work from home so as of late, I've been finding myself doing about 5 things at any given moment to truly maximize the hours in the day. The second I hit "brew" on my coffee machine, I'm deep in visualizing a mental checklist of my morning chores to tackle while I filter through my email and begin to schedule out and prioritize my work day. Start a load of laundry. Wipe down the counter tops. Open the windows. Email boss. Dust the TV stand. Send sister birthday card. Book travel for upcoming work trip. Sip coffee. Prep lunch. Post to Instagram. Breathe. Repeat. 

And the list goes on and on and on. Suddenly, I find myself constantly looking for small tasks and work to push through so I can satisfy that mental checklist of "getting things done." Ever find yourself in this situation? I do, frequently. In an effort to become more efficient, you actually begin to lose the ability to truly listen, live in the moment, and you become more forgetful. We end up juggling a million different things at once, throwing ourselves into a stressful tizzy. No fun for anyone. 

So I'm suggesting grown up time outs. Yes, I always encourage maximizing your time and to give it all you got--but don't forget to take breaks; focus in on your conversations with your friends, co-workers and strangers. Be present in your workouts and listen to your body. Make a list of priority items to get done and tackle them right away. Then enjoy the spontaneity that each new day offers. Try to actively stop thinking about whats next on your long list of daily to-do's and experiment with being present and engaged in whatever task you're currently working through.

Think of it like this; your brain is like a computer---the more applications and windows you have running, the less speed and lack of optimized performance you'll have. 

Practice mindfulness. Shut off those pesky social notifications on your phone because guess what? They'll still be there when you return to your phone. Give yourself a well deserved hug and treat yourself to a morning of calm. Lets get back to the basics and give our loved ones our full attention instead of half-involved chats and surface updates.

Seriously, though. Put down your phone, stash the laptops and live in the moment. Thanks for the read ;)

xo B


Stephanie Zillmer