February Favorites

For the month of February, B and I decided we would share a few things that we've recently fallen in L.O.V.E with. So whether you share these favorites with a SO or treat yo'self, you can rest assured you will not be disappointed!! 


Joshua Radin's newly released album, The Fall. 

Okay but actually, if Josh would ask me to be his forever Valentine, I wouldn't hate it. I'd marry this man just to be serenated to sleep for the rest of my life. Check him out on Spotify or iTunes today! 

Megyn Kelly's, Settle for More

Lawyer. Journalist. Total bad-ass. But what I love most about Megyn's story is the hard truths and lessons learned, making her into the #girlboss she is today. A definite read for everyone! 

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Photo Source

NBC's must-see hit, This Is Us

What do you get when Jamie Sullivan (A Walk to Remember) and Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls) fall in love? The most epic TV series of all time. Grab your Kleenex, this one has us feeling all of the feels.


Juve Y Camps Sparkling Rose

Because what's February without something pink and sparkly?! I first tasted this bubbly goodness while brunching with some girlfriends at Aster Cafe. Lively and fresh, this Spanish rose tastes of rose petals and strawberries, with crisp acidity and a long finish. Cheers bebes!  


Starbucks FTW

You can't end the day with champagne without first starting it with caffeine. Our fix of choice? We are crazy about Starbuck's new Cascara latte, made with the dried fruit of the coffee cherry for extra sweetness and warmth. 

Beauty Picks

Aveda Tourmaline Face Cream: Our go-to night cream that keeps our faces moisturized and dewy during the dry, winter months.

Oribe Dry Texture Spray:  For bigger, better, full-on glamorous locks.

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Photo Source

The Little Market's rose candle

Roses are red, violets are nice, treat yourself to The Little Market's soy blend of paradise. Not only will your home thank you, but you will be supporting women refugees through Prosperity Candle with your purchase.  

p.s. I spy POPPYjack shop <3

Stephanie Zillmer