Y2K and other concerns.

An excerpt from my journal in 1999 (age 10) with footnotes from 2017 (age 28).


December 20th, 1998

"Oh there's my journal!!!!

Well I'm back. And don't worry, I haven't lost my sense of humor. (1) I'm now a decade, 10 years old. Can you believe it?! I know, I'm going bonkers. I still go to NPES in St. Germain. (2) Marci and I are best buds. (3) Don't tell her but I got her a glitter pen, a note pad, and a book called, A Dog in the Iron Muzzle. Note to myself: DO NOT let Marci read this (4).

  1. The opinion I hold of my said sense of humor is still outrageously high (and completely accurate). 
  2. As stated above, its only been 4 months since my last entry. So not actually much has changed. 
  3. Fortunately the spring break from hell didn't split us apart. BFF4E.
  4. That brat was always sneaking a peek at my journal. She for sure read it. 

April 5, 1999

Wow it's almost the new millennium! (1) I don't think Y2K is such a big deal. I can live in the 90's or 80's. (2).  I'm really excited because we just got a new piano. It just arrived and is soo pretty. I don't really care, but I do. (3) I'm sitting at the counter while Mom's packing my lunch. Can you believe I'm having cold lunch? (4) I am going to write in my journal every single day after school. There's really nothing anything new about school except that we'll be learning about human reproduction this month.(5)  Got to go, but don't worry, I'll be back. Bye.

  1. Almost..except it's only April and the year 2000 isn't for another 8 months. 
  2. Clearly I didn't fully understand the weight of Y2K and all of it's dooming possibilities. 
  3. This non-committal excitement faded immediately after my mom told me I had to start practicing again.
  4. Listen, my mom was the actual best. But girlfriend was not above sending me to school for pizza fries and broiled hot dogs. 
  5. Judging by the date of the following entry, the lesson on the birds and the bees proved to be more upsetting than originally anticipated and left me with little desire to journal (or speak to anyone in general) for weeks.

June 5, 2001

So today was a very sucky day. At school it was fine, but as soon as my dad sees me, it's "hey you haven't washed the dishes", you know what I mean? It's like I'm not even part of the family. (1) And then Sarah is just like his perfect little angel. Yeah it ticks me off! OMG. He just yelled at me to do the dishes and my sister is sitting there just enjoying herself. Ughhh. And Lucas seems to be ignoring me. (2) Oh well, hopefully things will get better tomorrow. Also, my swimsuit top is too big and I'm going swimming tomorrow. (3) Oh well. 

*outlined tear drop* (4)

  1. I only had two moods during most of my middle school years: mildly dramatic and wildly dramatic. This was a mild moment.
  2. In his defense, I'm not sure Lucas even realized we were friends at this point. But I was maj into him. 
  3. Give it until senior year...99 problems but that aint one. 
  4. Wildly dramatic. 
Stephanie Zillmer