5 Ways To Boost Your Energy In The AM


There is nothing I hate more than setting my alarm for those wee early morning hours. What do you do when you hear that familiar alarm go off in the morning? Do you jump out of bed and hit the gym? If you are, good for you—I strive to be you one day. I’m a lover of sleep and usually find myself cringing when I have to leave my fluffy cloud, followed by a slow sprint to the coffee machine. Not to mention its usually cold outside so that makes the crawl out of the bed that much less appealing. 

If you’re looking to shake the morning blues, read on! 

1)   Drink a glass of lemon water right when you wake up! Whether you like it hot or served over ice is up to you, but the benefits of adding this to your morning routine is limitless. It boosts your immune system, flushes toxins, and improves skin and digestion! 

2)   Eat a bedtime snack; one reason you may feel super groggy in the morning is because you haven’t eaten in several hours; try a small, easily digestible snack- such as a small scoop of cottage cheese, peanut butter or some Greek yogurt. Every body is different, so you may want to experiment.

3)   Open your blinds at night—having that sunshine peer though in the morning and help signal your brain that its time to wake up! Sun is also full of vitamin D and can help prevent you from falling back asleep!

4)    Start the morning with a supplement—a daily dose of vitamins helps restore the body with its needed minerals and vitamins! Try to find some with B6 and B12; which are natural energy boosters!

5)   Eat a high protein breakfast. Lean towards eggs and veggies, or a dairy free protein powered for a green smoothie full of power greens and fruits.  Do not skip on breakfast! Avoid processed cereals and breads in the morning--they turn to sugar and make you feel more sluggish! 


Happy Mornings to you all!!

XO S & B

Stephanie Zillmer