The Promise of Christmas

We are just one week from Christmas and things are in full, holiday swing around my tiny St. Paul apartment. My fake, Target Christmas tree is up with it's haphazardly arranged branches, I've watched an embarrassing amount of Hallmark Christmas movies, sipped on a borderline unhealthy amount of eggnog, and there's a growing pile of presents needing to be wrapped. As I sit this morning sipping my coffee, listening to Amy Grant's Christmas album (because, #classics), I feel the inarguable joy the holiday season brings. 

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Still, I've also found this season tends to bring feelings of uncertainty and I've been struggling with the fact that there are still so many areas of my life yet to be pieced together.  I know I'm not the only one who wrestles with comparison, and for some reason this time of year seems to bring it out tenfold. It is so easy to look around and wish for all that you still lack, while being blinded to all that you already have. But as we draw closer to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, I am reminded of His promises and unwavering faithfulness. Because of the complete and finished work of Christ, I can walk forward in faith and peace through my unfinished life. And while the pace may be a bit slower than I would prefer (like that of a disoriented snail), I trust the Pacemaker. It may not be in step with those around me, but it is uniquely set to my destination and I am determined to embrace each bump and turn along the way. 

Wherever you might find yourself this holiday season, I hope that you take a moment to revel in the place God has you right now and find the courage to walk into the new year in faith. Merry Christmas friends! xo, S

Stephanie Zillmer