5 Signs You Need To Slow Things Down

The world is moving at breakneck speed. Information is overflowing 24 hours a day. At work we are busy, busy, busy and we continue to react instead of think. Lunch is wolfed down. When we get home there is still so much to do before finally falling into the bed. Then we start to think about the next day instead of processing and reveling in what happened today.


I’m totally guilty of burning the candle at both ends. I’m the queen of piling work on my plate, eating breakfast on the fly and cramming as much work as possible into one day. It wasn’t until lately that I had an epiphany that I have to put myself first, love myself and take care of myself before I can make room for anyone else in life. I needed a big-ole life hug, both emotionally and mentally!

Feeling the same way?

 Here are 5 signs that tell you that you need to slow things down and take time for you!


1) You’re 28 and you see gray hairs.

         It’s happened. I have 3 grays that are peeking through my brown locks and they are here to stay. To cope; I’ve taken up a serious yoga practice and I have to tell you—its seriously helped! My shoulders remember to stay on my back where they belong (not scrunched up to my ears) and my headaches have melted away.


2) You forget your conversations with your friends.

         Friends are my family away from my family! Instead of listening intently, I’ve caught myself thinking of 3 different things when someone is talking to me. Stop. Live in the moment and enjoy your time with gals!


3) You’re missing the little things in life that make it extraordinary.

         If you haven’t watched this movie; watch it! “About Time.” This film is hailing as my favorite movie and I’ve learned so much from it! Notice a strangers smile and their pure intention to wish you a good day. Really give that coffee a good smell and live in it. Make every kiss count. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.


4) You haven’t read a book in a year.

         Reading is so relaxing! Set that imagination free and divulge yourself into the written word and live the story.


5) Your fridge is full of condiments and soda water.

         Cooking is one of my favorite things to do; but I don’t remember the last time I sat down, wrote my list and shopped at my favorite grocery store. Take time for yourself and plan meals, be conscious in your food choices and feed that amazing body some yummy goodness!



Leave some love! Do any of these signs apply to you? 

Stephanie Zillmer