Home Sweet Apartment

Hey Friends! Who loves moving?  I do (and don’t) for so many reasons!

I love the forced purge of old shoes, accessories and other things that I no longer want or need and prefer donating them to shelters (who else loves that?!) and the feeling of starting fresh in a new location with freshly painted walls and new carpet. My least favorite thing about moving? The what-feels-like-100-trips back-and-forth between the two apartments mindlessly loading and unloading the SUV.

I very recently moved into a new place with a good pal of mine. I had been living solo the last few years and thought it was time for a change of pace. We found a new building with south facing windows (ideal for tons of light!), corner unit with a view of downtown just before the cold snap hit Minneapolis!

Tucked on the Northeast Riverfront, we find ourselves frequenting the local breweries, restaurants and brunch hot spots before escaping the cold night air with a chick-flick and a generous pour of wine. Roommate living has never been better! 

This last move felt particularly amazing for me, and I’ll tell ya why because I’m sure many of you have gone through this as well. This move signified more than just a move… this new apartment marked a new chapter, a fresh start to my late twenties that I’d been chasing after for months. Within a span of 10 days, I left my corporate job for a new gig, flew to NYC for a long weekend, moved to my new apartment, and then celebrated all of this by booking a 12 day trip to Europe with some of close gal pals. If that doesn't shake up a stale routine, I don't know what will! 

So, whoa. The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, but what I'd love for you to takeaway the most is some of my favorite decorating tips and tricks to create a space that is full of light and personality! 

1)   Always have a real house plant around. It creates a neutral, natural calming effect in the room.

2)   Pick a décor scheme and stick to it.  Yes, I’m always an advocate for changing up décor as the seasons shift, but please avoid the hodge-podge style of displaying every single thing you own. It creates clutter and chaos. Instead, pick our your favorite 3 things to display and work in that to enhance the scheme within the space!

3)   Let there be light!! If you find yourself in a darker apartment with not much natural sunlight, have fun with different lighting elements to play up the space and create a cozy atmosphere. Think soft twinkle lights, or an eclectic table lamp.

4)   Invest in the good—get a better mattress and splurge on fancy, super soft sheets and bedding. You’ll wake up every single morning without regret!

5)   Lastly, outfit your home in personal touches, like your favorite scented candles, books, blankets and photos.

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Stephanie Zillmer