Flower Crown How-To

Photography by Estrella Chacon

Earlier this summer, I found myself in Austin, Texas surrounded by some of my favorite friends. It was a special occasion; it was Jessica’s bachelorette weekend and it was full of food trucks, specialty coffee drinks and lots of pool time jammin’ to the acoustic sounds of The Avocados.  Check out Jess’s blog post on Ticket and Tag and read more on where we ate, shopped and partied! It was definitely a girls guide to do Austin right! 

The trip started off with us gals perched up at the trendy Hotel San Jose off Congress Ave, sipping Shiner Boch and sitting in a circle making fresh flower crowns for our first night out on the town. Believe me when I say, the bachelorette-little-black-dress-thing is out and flower crowns are the new and way more improved way to celebrate a night out with your favorite girls. 

Want to get our look? Check out the simple step x step directions below on how to make a flower crown,

1) Wrap wire around your head several times to determine the size of your crown.

2) Take fresh greens and wrap them to the wire, securing with smaller pieces of wire or green flower tape.  

3) Once your wire is covered in greens, attach flowers to the crown and secure with wire and tape. Personally, I use as many flowers and I can fit on my crown. The bigger the better, my flower crowns usually end up weighing 2 or 3 pounds because I love using as many flowers as possible.  

4) Get creative! Wrap flowers all the way around, or, if you prefer a simpler look, use just a few blooms to add a statement to the front of the crown. 

Prance around town, drink champagne and live it up in your flower crown. 

Stephanie Zillmer