Foundation Basics

The foundation of your makeup regime should always be your foundation. Follow these helpful hints in mindfully choosing the right shade for you and applying with the right tools.

1) Prep and cleanse the skin. Starting with a freshly cleansed, moisturized face is the best way to start your makeup routine every morning.

2) Find the shade that works for you. For example, if you always use a beige foundation from a certain brand, you may not be a "beige" with other brands. Be sure to find the right light and select the shade that is perfect for you.

3) Are you a cream, liquid or powder foundation wearer? If your skin is naturally more oily- go for the powder. If you are combination, try out a cream, and liquid is good for most skin types.

4) Have the right tools! Just like the type of your foundation, the tools for its application are essential. Sponges, brushes and your own fingers will do great work according to your foundation type.

5) Dab and blend.
First dab the foundation all over your face, and then begin blending. Always start from top to bottom and don't forget zones like your eyelids, the cheeks and your neck. Use upward movements and always start with less than you think, you can always add more foundation to achieve the level of coverage you want.

Stephanie Zillmer