3 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid in Glasses

Even with growing popularity over the past few years, wearing glasses can sometimes be a pain when it comes to figuring out your makeup. If you're like me and wear glasses during work hours to sharpen your focus, read on!  

I totally depend on my glasses to help me read hundreds of emails and scan complicated status grids. Sometimes I secretly think my frames help me be more productive. There's nothing more satisfying than busting through emails and meetings with some fabulous frames and red lipstick. Those girl touches seem to help. Oh, and does coffee. 

Although you may nail the “geek chic” look while you’re wearing a pair of thick, square frames, wearing your makeup can be a pain point- here are my favorite tips to avoid when you wear makeup with your glasses;

1) Avoid dark, smokey eye shadows. The dark shadow closes off the eye and you loose your eyes behind the glasses. Stick to highlighting tones, like rose gold or pretty champagne pastels. 

2) Wear liner that doesn't match your frames. This can make your eyes blend in, not stand out. With black glasses, try a dark gray liner, or if you have brown frames, use dark purple.

3) Don't forget about those brows! Show some love up there and fill them in, blend them out and remember to go in for your bi-monthly eyebrow threading appointments!! 

Stephanie Zillmer