Believe in the Cat Nap

I love napping. So much so that sometime it interferes with my night time sleep regime- which can disrupt the body's natural process of regenerating itself. Want some tips on how to best plan your sleep schedule? Read on.

1.  Limit your naps to 20-40 minutes to avoid transitioning into deep sleep. Drifting into deep sleep during a cat nap can really interfere with how restful your night sleep will be.

2. The alarm is your friend. If you set the alarm, you'll know you can drift off with peace of mind that you'll wake up at the right time. 

3.  Avoid napping past 3pm. 

4.  Don't nap if you have trouble waking up. Some people are just bad nappers. If you feel worse after a nap or struggle waking up, its just not worth it. Try drinking a glass of water, stretch out, or take a brisk walk to get the blood moving again and to help perk up your day. 

Stephanie Zillmer